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Player's Age: 28

Character/Series: Irea Winner | Gundam Wing

Character Type: Minor

Tamer Class: Matrix

Character appearance:

Character age: 31 ( April 23rd, A.C. 164 )

Digimon partner(s)/Spirit/Evolution Line: Dorumon > Dorugamon > Dorugreymon > Dorughoramon

Character history:

(note: Irea was only ever in one episode, so a lot of her history will be headcanon.)

Irea Winner was the first of twenty-nine Winner children that were born from test tubes. Due to the conditions of living in space on colonies, many families that had first taken to the stars had been burdened with sterility and other reproduction issues. While this issue was resolved later down the line, the Winner family had been among the first on L4 and as such continued to have issues with conception and resorted to artificial means to bear children.

Thankfully this didn’t stop Irea from having a relatively happy life growing up. Their family, owner of the well known Winner Enterprises Inc, was well enough off that they had very little to worry about. They had servants on staff, as well as tutors for when Irea was old enough for schooling. They continued to birth sisters via the same method, and as the oldest of them Irea had a strong sense of responsibility for her younger siblings when they were around. Oddly though she was never particularly close with any one sister over another, and simply doted on all of them when she had the chance.

But the face of the universe was changing even as she was growing up. Constant political struggles had colored the colonist’s view of the Earth, and for quite some time there had been battles for power and control both on Earth and in the colonies.The year after she had been born, a man named Heero Yuy had been named as leader of the colonies, using a platform of peace to get elected in hopes that they could form a peaceful resolution against the Alliance that was oppressing the people in space. As a child, Irea grew up watching the constant strife of the world, though by being a Winner she was a bit removed from it.

She was, however, very aware of the assassination of Heero Yuy nearly 11 years later, especially since it was all over the news, the colonies in an uproar over it. She was just old enough and intelligent enough to understand what was happening, and though she was only a child it did a great deal to shape who she eventually grew into as an adult. She grew up wanting to help people who were suffering, but due to her father’s strict nature and desire to remain as separate from the fighting as possible she knew turning to any side was completely out of the question. So she instead turned to medicine, beginning to study from a very young age.

When she was fifteen, her mother decided that she wanted to try and have at least one natural birth - specifically Zayeed’s heir - and the following year despite heavy arguments against it she was able to get pregnant and carry the child to term. Unfortunately that was the end of it - as soon as she went into labor there were already complications risking her health. The child, a boy they named Quatre was born healthy, but Kathrine died shortly after. This put a noticeable strain on their family, and many of the things that Kathrine would have cared for in regards to raising him fell to servants and his other older sisters when Zayeed wasn’t able to do so.

Because of this, and the schooling Irea was already wrapped up, she saw very little of her little brother. The other sisters often looked after Quatre more than she did. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t step away from her studies, and instead threw herself into them completely so that she could advance as quickly as possible. It worked out well for her, and by the time she was in her early 20’s she was already a medical student in her internship. Shortly after she became a fully licensed medical doctor. She was hired by WEI after that, and worked at a local hospital owned by the company as well as one of their resource satellites, building a fairly decent name and reputation on her own. In her absence, though, Quatre and Zayeed’s relationship became strained.

Some time during all this, when the conflicts between Earth and the colonies were becoming more heated and frequent, she learned from her father that Quatre had run away from home. He had been picked up by a group of rebels calling themselves the Maganacs that were trying to free workers who were being held without pay on a resource satellite. When they had contacted Zayeed to discuss the terms of releasing the workers, she watched over his shoulder as Quatre argued once more with his father, claiming that he was nothing more than a tool that had been created for convenience.

Irea asked if her father had never told Quatre that he had been born naturally and not from a test tube like she had, stating that knowing his mother had died giving birth to him might have made him even more troubled. Zayeed disagreed somewhat, saying that it didn’t matter how they were born, Quatre was a gentle child. like Irea, and there was no need for him to be so insolent. Irea stated they were all grateful for a father like him, and Zayeed mused that they were all his children. There was no further talk of it, and Quatre never came home. Later she learned he supposedly joined the colony-side of fighting by taking a Gundam to fight with. She didn’t learn much more than that, and Zayeed was angry enough to forbid any of his daughters to go looking for him. It was upsetting, but she respected her father’s wishes and returned to work as normal, pretending as though it didn’t bother her.

Some time later, while she was on shift at the Winner Resource Satellite, a young pilot was brought in after drifting in space for some time, barely alive. She recognized him as her little brother, now a teenager, though clearly not a soldier with the alliance. She cared for him, though she remained silent about her relation to him, insisting that she was “just his doctor” after he woke. He demanded to know why she had saved him, to which she said she had no affiliation with either side- OZ or Alliance, and that they were in a neutral zone anyway. He apologized, then asked if she knew any place he could rent a shuttle, but she was adamant that a person in his condition not travel. She promised to make arrangements for a shuttle so long as he promised to get some rest and left him for the time being.

When he was finally rested, Irea took Quatre to his home on L4, alerting their father that he had returned. When Zayeed arrived, they instantly started bickering, Quatre still maintaining that he was right in his actions while Zayeed insisted that involving himself in a war was a waste of time. Zayeed chastised him for not using his head and said that as an heir the least he could do was listen to his father, which caused Irea to interject, saying that she believed her little brother would grow up to be a fine heir someday. Naturally this reveal surprised him, but it ended the argument for the moment.

They left the room and went to the lab where Gundam Sandrock had originally been built, talking as they went along. Quatre asked why she had kept their relation quiet until then, and she admitted that she had been told about him becoming a Gudam pilot, but that their father also became upset at any mention of it, making the choice of whether or not to tell him difficult for her. She also admitted that his other sisters were rooting for him, and even their father was in some way. That at least got a smile from Quatre, albeit a rather sad one.

Quatre told her then that he had to destroy Sandrock on Earth because of “his incompetence” and started pulling up the schematics for the original Gundam. She asked what he was planning on doing, and he answered that he was going to build another one on his own so he could fight. She asked if he really could fight for the people of the colonies, because it seemed like the colonies no longer saw Gundams as their allies. A pilot had even been captured and his Gundam destroyed for the colonies to see, and they had rejoiced rather than mourned.

She asked again if he thought he could still fight knowing that, to which he answered that he had never done it for recognition, and only believed someday people would see the truth behind what they were doing. She hugged him after he admitted to feeling sentimental without Sandrock around, and asked him not to be sad because all of his sisters loved him.

Meanwhile their father had tried and failed to convince the people of the colony that they needed to be unified in peace, and the council had even forced control of the colony away from him, siding with OZ instead. This started riots outside of the Winner properties, people declaring that WEI had “monopolized” resources by their ownership of so many satellites, completely ignoring that it was the Winner family that had brought the colony prosperity and that they had practically given their resources away. Zayeed’s anger got the better of him, and his adamant refusal to let them build weapons on the satellite prompted him to actually disconnect it and attempt to take it away, ignoring that it could risk instability for the colony.

Irea and Quatre got into a shuttle, rushing to intercept their father, but it was too late. The colony had decided to take the necessary steps to stop him, including deadly force. Quatre and Irea both pleaded with him, but it fell on deaf ears, and the only thing he requested was that Quatre no longer fight, since he still believed aggression would solve nothing. They hurried to the satellite anyway, ignoring his demands for them to get away before the beam cannons from the colony fired. Quatre continued to beg his father to escape, to which he said he was escaping - by running away and not putting up a fight, he was getting away from the very thing he detested most, and if he died so be it. Quatre screamed for his father, but the cannons fired, knocking their shuttle away while striking the satellite.

The explosion knocked Quatre out of his seat, prompting Irea to rush to him and throw herself in the way of where he would have struck the wall. Doing so, however, caused her to be impacted between him and the wall, and as such she sustained severe, fatal internal injuries. Even as she lay dying in her little brother’s arms, though, she lauded her father’s decision to stand up for his beliefs even as he was running away.

Character personality:

Due to how little Irea is focused on in series, there isn’t a lot of insight into her personality, though several things are very evident based on her initial appearance - she’s very kind, very gentle, and every bit the older sister type. She cares for others deeply, especially family members, and is even willing to put herself in harm’s way for them should the need arise. Like her father stated, she is a gentle soul like Quatre is, and dislikes fighting as much as he does. Unlike Quatre, however, she is neither able nor willing to take the steps he did for peace and simply devotes her time to helping those she can with medicine.

As someone who believes in pacifism, it pains her to see others fighting, and pains her even more to know that her own little brother was doing so much and yet receiving so little in return. Being thrust into yet another war likely won’t sit well with her, though if given the chance it’s clear she’s willing to be proactive with the right resources, and with that in mind there’s a high probability she’ll turn her efforts towards DATS once she’s settled.

As a doctor she is not only competent, intelligent and intuitive, she’s very empathetic to her patients, able to show a great deal of compassion and understanding. She is, however, very strict with her orders. If she tells you “lay down and rest” it’s probably a good idea to listen, because she’ll get quite irritated otherwise. Thankfully she rarely stays upset long, and often returns to being cheerful very quickly in those situations.

Digimon partner personality:

Irea’s Dogumon is quite like a petulant child, so much so that upon first meeting, she won’t even be able to get a name out of him. He claims most things are “boring”, behaves as though he doesn’t care about anything at all, and is more likely to snap at people who are trying to be nice to him than anything. Worse if they’re actually being rude or treating him poorly.

He dislikes just about anyone - tamers, other digimon, but most of all himself. This is the main reason for his behavior. Being a Dorumon means not being like other digimon, and because of this he has developed a terrible complex of low self esteem and self worth. He doesn’t think anything is worth putting up with because he believes he himself isn’t worth anything, but he doesn’t want to appear as weak either so he simply treats everyone with the same flippant tone and disinterested behavior. He’s even driven away previous tamers because of his behavior, though most of them simply didn’t have the tenacity to deal with him.

Thankfully having a partner like Irea will eventually begin to soften him, especially when he realizes she’s not going to leave him alone no matter how much he tries to make her. He has the ability to be caring and gentle, it’s just buried under so many other layers of anger and hatred that will take a lot of time, and likely convincing from outside sources that they need to work together in order for both of them to survive.

Character abilities:

Irea is a doctor, and while she’s a very good doctor, and a very nice person, that’s really about the extent of her skills. She has no combat ability to speak of and will be dependent on her digimon for protection and battle.

Sample RP:



“... mn.”


“Get up. You’re in my way.”

Irea groaned loudly at the voice that was practically barking at her, rolling on to her back, making another noise as flare of pain went all down her torso and around to her back and shoulders. Though she was being ordered to move, she didn’t get much further than that. She continued to lay there, trying to recall just what would have made her in so much pain.


That’s right. She had been with Quatre on the shuttle. The colony had fired and then--...

“Quatre!” Irea sat up with a start at the hazy memory, only to regret it seconds later when the lancing pain returned through her lungs and ribs, making her breath catch as she curled up tightly.

“... oi. You injured or something lady?”

She struggled for breath, fingers gingerly working at her ribs. A few broken, nothing punctured, but some other possible internal injuries she couldn’t figure out just by touch and sight. She nodded, finally peering open an eye to the one who was speaking to her.

“GYAH--!” she shrieked, flailing backwards despite her injuries. Naturally it hurt, but she was far too focused on the strange creature blinking it’s big yellow eyes at her, looking very nearly bored. “Wh-what--... ?”

She pointed at him, but he continued to be unphased by her reaction. He flicked a clawed paw in the air, looking away.

“Look if you’re injured I’ll point you towards the hospital, otherwise get movin’. I got places to be and--”

Anything more he had to say was suddenly ended by a flash of light, and something appearing on his ankle as well as two devices that materialized on the sidewalk in front of Irea. Shock of the creature forgotten, she stared at them while he lifted his stubby leg and glared at the device he had gotten.

“... that figures,” he grunted, lowering his leg to look at Irea, clearly annoyed.

“I... I’m sorry... ?”

“I’ll try to make this simple, ‘kay? You see that?” he asked, pointing a claw at the devices, “That’s a Digivice. And a D-Comm. That? Means you’re my Tamer, and I’m your partner.”

“T... Tamer? Partner? I’m not sure I understand...”

“... of course you don’t,” the creature sighed, shaking his head. “Look, lady--”

“Irea. Iera Winner.”

“... whatever. Irea, you’re in a different world, got it? This ain’t your home. And we got a different set of rules here, and a new Tamer gets a Digimon partner. That’s me.”

“A different world... ?”

It didn’t look any different than any other city. At least at first glance. But being in a city did raise a lot of questions, namely how she got there and where her little brother was. She did, however, finally look up and at that took notice that the sky was most certainly not anything she had ever seen on the colonies before. Nor was it like any picture of Earth she had ever seen either.


That was certainly proof.

“Alright... I still don’t understand, but I believe you. Do you have a name?” She asked as she picked up the two devices, giving them a once over. The smaller one she was unsure about, but the larger one looked a bit like a very flat phone.

He didn’t answer, looking distinctly irritated with the entire thing, while somehow managing to look bored as well, simply staring at his claws. She wasn’t going to get a name out of him obviously.”

“You need a doctor or what?”

“Actually I am a doctor, and I think I’ll be fine for now...” even though it was always a bad idea to self diagnose. “You’re a Digimon, right?”

“Yeah. A Dorumon,” he said, though there was an odd note of contempt in his voice. She blinked a bit at the tone, but didn’t question it.

“Are there other Dorumons?”

“Some, yeah.”

“Well... I can’t very well call you Dorumon if there are other Dorumons. It might get confusing...”

“Aren’t there humans with the same name?”

“Well... yes, but I still think you should have a name! And you look a bit like a dragon... hm...”

“Whatever...” the Dorumon grunted, “Come on. You gotta find some place to live before it gets dark...”

Irea let out a faintly exasperated sigh, but smiled as she got to her feet. She would definitely need to be looked at sooner or later, but for the moment she was willing to follow her new partner and see where this strange new place took her.

Sample D-Comm Network Post:

[The video comes on to the face of a young woman in her late twenties/early thirties with bright blue eyes and dark blonde hair. To anyone who knows Quatre, she might actually look a tiny bit familiar, but it’s sort of a ‘blink and you miss it’ familiarity.

She’s staring at the video feed curiously, looking up and down several times as she presses buttons on the comm, testing things out. Amazingly it only takes her a second to realize it’s recording, and she smiles somewhat sheepishly before setting it down, getting a Dorumon in the screen. He looks bored. Very bored. He’s just fiddling with his Rise Bracer.]

So this is recording to the network, correct?

[If she’s asking her digimon, he doesn’t answer, and she seems to assume that’s the case.]

I’m Dr. Irea Winner. I’ve just arrived here, and I was hoping for some assistance. My Dorumon partner has explained quite a bit to me but he mentioned... needing a place to live... I still think you need a name I can call you by...

Yeah, well, that’s not my problem.

Mnn... but it is a problem... so...
Ah, I know! Tenyen.

... Tenyen?


[Irea smiles brightly, looking perfectly content with this. “Tenyen” blinks, stares, then shrugs and goes back to fiddling with his Rise Bracer. Irea turns back to her video.]

Anyway, as I was saying, any help finding a place to live or even stay for the night would be very welcome. Thank you.



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